Governance Portal Tutorial
To vote for governance item in Soltato Governance Board, you need to have $FRIES token. $FRIES token is the ecosystem token that serves reward and governance purpose.
  1. 1.
    Visit the Soltato DAO page
Solana Governance
Soltato DAO - Hosted under Mango.Markets
2. Click the Governance Item you would like to vote on
3. Deposit and Approve your FRIES token to be staked at the governance portal. You can withdraw your token back to wallet anytime from the governance portal
4. After depositing, your SoltatoDAO votes ($FRIES) balance will update. You can cast your vote
  • Approve (if you agree and like the proposal)
  • Deny (If you disapprove the implementation of the proposal)
  • You can also add comment and discuss the proposal with other Soltatian on the Discussion board. This is free and does not cost gas
  • โ€‹
5. If you withdraw before the voting period ends, your votes will not be counted.
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