Soltato Doodle Jump
Soltato is a jumping upwards game that enables players to travel with their own NFT character as high as possible! By challenging players to leap from platform to platform, their reactions and hopping skills are tested. Challenge the top 10 ranked and take home a portion of the $FRIES pool.
Connect your wallet - You will be able to view your Soltato NFT holdings and key account information such as best score, ranking, number of tickets and $FRIES Balance
Choose your NFT character to play the game - Go to Soltato tab on the left and click it
Get tickets to play the doodle jump game - Currently 1 ticket is sold at 50 $FRIES and you can get 12 tickets with 500 $FRIES
Share your result on twitter - Invite friends to grow the prize pool, currently 80% of each game play $FRIES will go to the pool as prize, shared by top 10 ranked players
See your ranking from the leaderboard - Prize pool is currently set to settle weekly, top 10 ranked players are to share the prize pool depending on the % of your best score divided by top 10 total scores.
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