Grant for Game Implementation and Community Development
This proposal is to introduce a grant for game implementation and community development. With this grant, we aim to get pre-approval from the community on spending FRIES for further developing Soltato ecosystem. The following would be the budget we aim to spend:
  • Total Budget: 250,000 FRIES

Game Implementation Budget

0. Initial cost of game development is subsidized by the Soltato Team (with the sale of Soltato NFT)
1. Additional incentive for the developers to implement the first mini-game on or before 2021 December 31. This will not be paid out if the product is delivered after the said date.
  • 50,000 FRIES
2. Incentives for the game: Players / winners will be rewarded with some $FRIES token for engaging in the game and competing with other players. This budget will be spent over the course of at least 3 months.
  • 100,000 FRIES
3. Incentive for community development: This budget will be rewarding users who are engaging in the community (eg: meme contest / referring others / creating cult), and creating incentives for users who are not in the Soltato ecosystem to learn and join the ecosystem. This budget will be spent over the course of at least 3 months. Each event will have a cost limit of 25% of the total budget.
  • 100,000 FRIES
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