♻️ The Soltato Cycle
The Soltato Cycle
Soltato and $FRIES goes hand in hand to create sustainable value for holders of both Soltato and $FRIES. The ecosystem starts with Soltato NFT’s $FRIES airdrop and trading fee generated on secondary markets. Instead of keeping the fees to the team, the fees generated are used to buy back $FRIES token in the open market, driving up the price of the token.
To foster a healthy ecosystem and liquid market, holders of $FRIES are incentivized to provide liquidity and stake their liquidity token, in return for the liquidity providing incentives and $FRIES token from fees buyback.
With a healthy ecosystem, $FRIES will be a valuable token and Soltato will form an active community, attracting more interest for buying Soltato NFT, which results in more trading fee generated for the everlasting Soltato Cycle!
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